Wait for the Lord, be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! (Psalm 27:14) The ROC is celebrating its Christian church youth activities in a couple weeks with an annual Bible Conference.


The Bible Conference theme will be: The Book of Psalms. The Book of Psalms is located in a section of the Bible, known as Wisdom Literature. From the various chapters, a person can gain understanding of how best to partner with God in a day to day living.


Most of the poems in the book of Psalms was written by David. King David, according to the Books of Samuel, was the second king of the UK of Israel. His reign was over Judah. He had a lot of hardships in his life, so many of these are about his life and relationship with God.


When I wait, you strengthen my heart – Psalm 27:14


Sometimes in life we wonder why certain things to happen when they do or why they are happening at all. You might feel afraid, upset or anxious and wonder why those emotions are happening. To wait on the Lord for his strength implies that you’re having a difficult time in life, but God has a purpose for everything. When this happens, it’s best to trust in the Lord and have faith that He will strengthen you.


Prove me, O Lord, & try me; test my heart and my mind – Psalm 26:2


This psalm is referring to when David is being confronted by God touching his integrity. David desires to detect and mortify every sin; in which he longs to be satisfied of his being a true believer. Once he has done so, he feels the ground beneath him firm up; as he greets the Lord with congregations and shortly he shall join his assembly in heaven.


Dr. Billy Graham once said that he reads Psalms everyday so he can improve his relationship with God. The Book of Psalms is one of the most popular books within the Bible because it covers various topics and lifestyle of a Christian. The Book of Psalms will be information on every area of your life.


Our Bible Conference at THE ROC- River Oaks Christian Church in Jenks will be held on May 22-25 with guest speaker Mark Berrier. He will be speaking on Sunday at 9:30, 10:30, and 6 PM. During the week, Monday through Wednesday it will be held at 7 PM.


For more information, contact our office to get involved with the Bible Conference and our Christian church youth activities!


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