Jenks Church Ministry Teams

Jenks Church Ministry Teams are a very important part to the growth of the people that attend River Oaks Christian Church. We would not be able to accomplish anything without the time and hard work that our Jenks Church Ministry Teams put in each week.

Please contact us if you feel lead to join any of the Jenks Church Ministry Teams listed below.

Magnification Team

The Magnification Team is assigned the purpose of bringing together both seekers and followers of Christ to worship. Their target is those who come together to seek Him. They provide music and worship resources to the rest of the church as well as plan and oversee areas of:

  • Music
  • Studying Materials
  • Weekend Services
  • Offering
  • Special Worship Events
  • Communion
  • Other resources to help believers grow

Maturity Team

The Maturity Team is assigned the purpose of discipleship. Their target is the body of believers that are committed. Their goal is to lead our members to a deeper spiritual commitment and help them develop to spiritual maturity. Their responsibilities include:
  • 201 Classes
  • Mid-week Service
  • Bible Studies
  • Small Groups
  • Christian Education
  • Youth

Membership Team

The membership Team is assigned the purpose of the fellowship of the church. The target is the congregation. They are charged with taking care of the flock. Areas they oversee are:

  • Shepherding
  • 101 Classes
  • Benevolence for Members
  • Funerals & Weddings
  • Counseling (C.A.R.E)
  • Men’s & Women’s Ministries
  • Prayer Groups
  • Local Area Outreach
  • Fellowship Events for the Congregation

Missions Team

The Missions Team is assigned the purpose of evangelism. The target is the community of people who are not followers of Christ. Their job is to plan, promote, and oversee the church\’s activities that involve evangelism add missions to:

National/Local Level – Groups or individuals that the church decides to support nationally:

  • Cookson Hills – Kansas, OK
  • Sunset Bible Camp – Mannford, OK
  • Christian Colleges – Dallas & Joplin

Foreign Level – Support or trips to foreign missionaries that the church decides to support:

  • CICM (Central India Christian Mission) Craig & Katy Bennett (Pioneer Bible Translators)

Ministry Team

The Ministry Team is to be involved with the ministry of the church. Their target is the core of believers within the body. Their job is to turn members into ministers by helping them discover their SHAPE.

  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Heart
  • Abilities
  • Personality
  • Experiences

A member’s SHAPE can be used for ministry and to guide them in finding an existing place for ministry or to begin a new area of ministry within the church. Areas this team
oversees are: You Can Count on Me (plugging people into ministries or beginning new ones), Building and Grounds, and Finance.

The goal of this team is to help every member of the church find a meaningful place of service that best expresses his or her gifts and abilities.